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Reciprocal Results (R2) is a full service Advertising and PR Agency, Media and Marketing Service Firm and Political Consultancy.  R2 works with clients large and small in almost every category, strategically and tactically, in branding and direct Marketing situations.  We plan, negotiate and buy all traditional and digital media, domestically and internationally. 


Reciprocal Results identifies who to target, where to reach that audience and how to engage and ultimately induce desired behavior from them.  R2 then crafts the perfect message to achieve client goals and maximize results.  We perform account planning and research as well as write the creative brief to analyze your current clients, customers, donors or voters to target those with similar profiles and find additional groups to pursue.  Based on these findings, R2 develops winning creative, marketing and communications strategies. 


We write copy, create taglines and slogans, design collateral material, direct mail, digital, mobile, out of home and print ads, and produce TV, radio and web commercials and long form content.


R2 generates free PR, publicity and media exposure, increasing visibility, awareness and buzz.  We leverage social media to enhance brand image or elicit specific behavior.  R2 develops sales promotion programs, devises contests, produce special events, and implements merchandise and travel incentive plans. 


R2 can barter underperforming assets such as surplus merchandise, underutilized production capacity, empty airline seats, vacant hotel rooms or distressed Real Estate for media time or space of greater value or profitably liquidate those assets for cash in new distribution channels.  Click here for information on barter.


We also offer On-air Talent and media sales representation to clients needing those services.    


R2 provides Business Consulting Services to clients who need advice related to Mergers and Acquisitions and reducing procurement expenses.  We help organizations get off the ground or reinvent themselves, including naming or renaming the company or non-profit itself or its products or services.  For fun, we also name bands (Yes, we said Bands, not Brands, although we name brands too).


R2 applies the above expertise to Political Consulting situations when appropriate.  We work with Democratic, Liberal, Progressive and ideologically neutral candidates and causes.  We can geo-target voters in every political district and zip code and even target individual voters with digital and mobile ads and in some markets we can apply geo and individual targeting to TV.  R2 also writes speeches and policy White Papers, designs campaign literature, answers endorsement questionnaires, performs opposition research, conducts polls and provides automated calling


R2 has also developed specific programs to cater to the needs of Small Businesses and underfunded Non-Political Clients.   


R2 is proud to add Data Analysis to our array of services. We've added a world class data scientist who's worked TRILLONS of data points to our team.