Since 1997, Reciprocal Results (R2) has helped clients ranging from the world's best known brands, mom & pop small businesses, politicians and non-profits, achieve goals as diverse as increasing sales and profits, lowering advertising costs, generating visibility and winning elections. R2 has evolved as a company in response to volatile economic and political conditions, an ever changing marketing landscape and rapidly advancing technology.


Barter & Agency Holding Company Origins

Although R2 and its portfolio of companies currently offer a complete array of marketing services, it initially focused on a single niche and a few logical extensions.  R2 was founded in June 1997 as $500 million dollar media service company KSL's Corporate Barter or Reciprocal Trade division.  Corporate Barter is the exchange of underperforming assets such as surplus merchandise, vacant hotel rooms, under utilized production capacity and distressed real estate for advertising or other goods and services.  Corporate Barter is commonly referred to as Media Barter because most transactions of this type involve media.  KSL also jobbed out a portion of  its print and out of home media buying to R2.  R2 frequently uses reciprocal trade to lower media costs for non-barter accounts and can discretely and profitably resell the excess merchandise of clients declining to trade. 


The R2/KSL relationship ended in 2001, shortly after multi-billion dollar international holding company the Interpublic Group (IPG) acquired KSL.  KSL dissolved in 2014 amid a financial scandal.  Following the alliance's termination, R2 moved from Manhattan to Staten Island and evolved into a full service advertising, media, PR and marketing communications company, a natural progression given CEO Roy Moskowitz's successful personal track record in every marketing discipline.  Reciprocal Results became an omnibus source for marketing and media services and rebranded its barter division as R2 Trade.  For more information on barter visit the R2 Trade website

R2 Morphs Into Full Service Ad Agency,

PR Firm & Marketing Communications Company

Starts Division Devoted to Staten Island Clients

R2, now a multi-faceted advertising and PR agency, relocated in 2001 from Manhattan to Staten Island, which is nicknamed the Forgotten Borough because it is not connected to the subway system and is without many other services and amenities the rest of New York City enjoys.  Despite a population of just under half a million, which would make it the nation's 33rd largest city if it wasn't part of the Big Apple, Staten Island lacks industries usually found in cities its size, such as investment banking and advertising.  The Advertising Industry has forgotten about the Forgotten Borough as Reciprocal Results is the only Staten Island based marketing communications firm listed in the prestigious Agency Redbook.  To address this, R2 started Staten Island Advertising (SI), which aims to provide Madison Avenue expertise to Richmond Avenue (one of the Island's main drags).  SI specializes in conquering the borough's businesses, non-profits and politician's unique marketing challenges as well as helping clients everywhere accomplish their goals.  For more info visit the Staten Island Advertising website

Political Consultancy

R2 CEO Roy Moskowitz has always been a political animal, having volunteered for his first political campaign when he was 14.  As a Syracuse University undergrad, he informally created a political communication curriculum by combing Broadcast Journalism, Political Science and Speech course work and was a U.S. presidential campaign's student coordinator.  


In 2005, which was prehistoric times in the digital world, no one bought a data plan and the dearth of public WIFI slowed new mobile technology's adoption.  That year, Roy Moskowitz was introduced to Andrew Rasiej, a  New York City Public Advocate candidate, running on a platform of free universal wireless internet access.  Moskowitz thought Rasiej's plan would resonate with an Advertising Community in need of a critical mass of users to monetize mobile technology and became the candidate's Advertising and Marketing Industry Liaison.  Moskowitz and R2 dramatically increased awareness for Rasiej's proposal within the industry by generating publicity in media targeting Advertising professionals.  


Since then, R2 has applied the same copywriting, media buying and public relations expertise its corporate and non-profit clients have benefited from to the political theatre.  R2 has created ads, direct mail and websites, generated local and national media coverage and bought media, for federal and local candidates, office holders, political organizations, issues oriented non-profits and a cable political talk show.  Strong writing and research skills are endemic to marketing communications firms (at least the good ones) and R2 has used these skills to expand its services to speechwriting, securing endorsements, policy analysis, fundraising  and getting out the vote (GOTV).